Forsen Can't Get Away From Stream Snipers, Even In Private Tournaments

What a messy world online games have become. Even PlayerUnknown's rules forbid Stream Sniping in PUBG those are the ones that bring the best fun to Twitch and PUBG nowadays. Stream snipers are those who watch a Twitch stream of a game while playing it themselves to get a read on where another player is so that they can go take them down.

As related in this Reddit thread , the trouble started when a player by the name of Lotoe came upon, and killed, an enemy named Shroud, a "popular streamer", along with his partner Summit who a few minutes prior had been dealing with a stream sniper—someone who determines an enemy player's location by watching their stream.

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As a third-party NeoGAF user named SteveO409 stated, his friend Lotoe was banned from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for seven days after supposedly being caught stream sniping” popular streamer Shroud. Streamsnipers, especially in pubg are fucking lifeless.

Every time someone like this streams the game, and thousands of people watch and see how much fun the game can be, Bluehole sells more copies and expands its player-base. The largest community for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. As others have mentioned streamers can put stream on a delay if it is THAT important to them (sounds like it is very hard to get into same match as a specific individual anyway from the "evidence").

The streamer also has tools to try and mitigate the effects of stream sniping by covering the mini map and server tag, putting up a screen so that the sniper doesn't know when the stream joins the lobby, also by just putting a couple minute delay in their stream.

The Reddit and Discord — and Twitch — discussions have since prompted a response on Twitter from its namesake developer, as well as one from the community team on the game's forum. The Reddit thread is packed with hundreds of PUBGs players leaving thousands of comments, and almost everyone thinks that this is incredibly shady, and a really distasteful move on the part of Bluehole.

I don't know whether stream snipers actually gets10-15 stream snipers or not and neither do any of you but it really doesn't matter because some of the streamers' chat is going gaming to take that seriously and have in fact acted on it. And if the streamer is going to act on it, then a portion of the chat is also going to back them up on it no matter what.

What's surprising is that, even developers,instead of hearing out both parties, decided to take shroud favorably, instead of lotoe, and banned lotoe without even hearing his side of the story, in a case where shroud didn't present any evidence, but only had to use the word stream sniping” on his stream.

It's not a coincidence why PUBG is THE Stream Snipers' lair. Delays for streamers would be a good idea to quell this type of behavior, for example. When you drive a car fairly close to a weapon crate that's already attracted the attention of at least 3-4 other players, you have to expect there are more people not far away that are going to spot you easily.

Professional Twitch Streamers, streaming for life as a full-time job are always being haunted by the so known Stream Snipers. But its clear from the fact that this person stream snipes that they pick Symmetra to anger the streamers they are sniping. Shrouds highest kill game (pubg highlights) All highlights are from my stream: D Follow me!

The best Side of Musical Healing

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C 2.2 PC & PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

Up your PS4 audio game with these great headsets. Most cheap gaming headphones will feature either stereo sound or 7.1 virtual surround sound. It's a capabale and comfortable headset for playing games like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or Fortnite, but it can also function as very good wired headphones for music listening.

If that wasn't enough of a reason to consider the PlayStation Platinum headset, its use of developer-built equalisation profiles, 3D audio technology and total wireless play (meaning no cable between headset and controller, as with many other headsets) more than make it worth the asking price.

These are surround sound headphones designed by Sony specifically for the PS4 obviously. Gaming headphones feature an over-ear design on almost all occasions in order to better accommodate their massive audio drivers. The versatile Cloud headset family is designed to fit anyone's gaming needs, no matter their system, play style or personal style.

The packaging features a large window section, giving us a good look at the headset design as well as the in-line controller. As well as sporrting an extrovert gold design with full RGB rimming, the ROG Strix Fusion 500 benefits from advanced synchronisation features that make it quick and easy to sync the lighting of multiple headsets using an intuitive mobile app.

It's very comfortable and one of my favorite headsets I've tried. Headphones for PC and gaming consoles come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for ultimate gaming immersion. A gaming headset should provide immersive audio, making a gamer feel like he is actually in the game.

The Flight also delivers rich, accurate sound for competitive and immersive games alike, features a crisp microphone, and touts slick LED earcup lighting. It also has 7.1 surround sound to fully immerse you in the game. Unlike most gaming headsets, the PlayStation Gold doesn't have a boom microphone.

Don't worry if shooters aren't your thing, either: every game on the PS4 benefits from the 7.1-channel virtual surround-sound tech in the Platinum headset. The value provided by the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is unmatched and is a solid offering of Sony for its PS4 gamers.

The entry model in SteelSeries' new Arctis lineup, the Arctis 3, is a comfortable, great-sounding headset that has the look and style of snowboarding gear. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is an affordable, cable-free way to get game audio and voice chat through your PS4 or PC.

For a pinhole mic it sounds reasonably clear, and is reliable for in-game voice chat. That aside, both the Siberia 800 and 840 support all platforms wirelessly via a digital receiver that doubles as a replaceable battery charger, audio equaliser and chat channel mixer.

Price isn't necessarily an indication of sound quality - branding definitely comes into it - but it can help you understand device build quality and how long a set of cans may last you. Down the side of the box is a quick run down that details the headset in compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Although why they put PS4 on the front and not a badge for each format is a little strange as this could confuse some consumers.

The headset features the playstation headset same understated design as its wireless counterpart. Set the mode switch on the G933 gaming headset to Wireless On mode. Wearing the headset for hours is comfortable, thanks to the lightweight design and comfortable earpads. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset looks bulky in press shots but is actually a small and light headset in person.

The ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset is bundled with the MixAmp M80 wireless audio receiver that connects to the console. Its 50mm neodymium drivers help create immersive and accurate audio (it supports Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology), and with its omnidirectional mic you won't have to worry if your friends are hearing you.

What Is A Pap Smear Test? Guidelines And Results

A Pap test involves gathering a sample of cells from the cervix. A positive sample will then lead to the women being called in for additional investigation, possibly involving colposcopy and a biopsy, and if the lesion is confirmed, a simple operation with a loop electrosurgical excision procedure or similar to remove it. There are different levels of changes in cell appearance that can be detected and there is a consensus standard for how to classify these called the Bethesda system 51 According to the Bethesda system there is also a range of abnormalities from the perfectly normal slide via slight abnormalities ASC-US, low grade lesions, LSIL, high grade lesions, HSIL, and finally cancer.

ASC-US (atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance): The squamous cells do not appear completely normal, but doctors are uncertain what the cell changes mean. With the liquid-based test, your doctor can reanalyze the sample to check for the presence of viruses known to promote the development of cancer, such as some types of human papillomavirus (HPV).

There is a particular area inside the opening of the cervix where the cells lining the vagina change to the cells that characterize the inside of the cervix (endocervical cells). Most experts in this area are in agreement that HPV testing alone is the future of cervical screening,” said Debbie Saslow of the American Cancer Society, who wasn't involved with Tuesday's draft guidelines.

False positives from the whole screening setup, after inspection by a cytologist are expensive and cause anxiety for the woman who is called for a new investigation which may be interpreted as a message that she may have a cancer. Once you have had your first Cervical Screening Test, you will only need to have one every five years instead of every two, if your results are normal.

Your doctor will lubricate your vagina and insert a tool called a speculum that will spread the opening and allow access to the cervix. Some HPV tests can tell you if you have specific types of HPV, in particular HPV 16 or 18. HPV 16 and 18 are responsible for 70% of all cervical cancers.

Commonly known as the Pap test, cytology and its regular use in yearly exams has been credited with significantly reducing the number of deaths from cervical cancer. Up to 80% of women diagnosed with invasive cancer of the cervix have not had a Pap smear in the past 5 years.

The USPSTF recommends against screening for cervical cancer in women who have had a hysterectomy with removal of the cervix and who do not have a history of a high-grade precancerous lesion (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN grade 2 or 3) or cervical cancer.

Treatment can be given to prevent cancer from developing in women with abnormal cells. The abnormal changes in the cervical cells are often due to HPV. In general, if you have a total hysterectomy - removal of the womb (uterus) and cervix - for a reason not due to cancer, you no longer need cervical screening tests.

Too many women who don't need them are getting regular Pap tests Other women who could benefit from the tests aren't getting them, often those are women without health insurance. Since the causal link between cervical cancer and hrHPV infection was established, much effort has been devoted to the study of prevention and identification women's health of HPV infection.

Severe abnormalities in the cells of the cervix: severe dyskaryosis. The cervical smear or Pap test has been used worldwide as a screening test for more than 50 years and has saved countless lives. If precancerous changes are found, there are are several treatment options that can usually be done in your doctor's office.

Light, Medium, Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale

When it comes to your supply chain, safety, accuracy, timeliness, and quality are essential. We price these at $19.99 and profit is about $12, so $48 profit expected on these items. Wheelbarrows are only used to haul items to a stockpile, and the assignment of wheelbarrows reduces stockpile space, limits the number of active hauling jobs, and works poorly with containers ; see Wheelbarrow for details.

Harvey RVs has three unique revenue streams; rec vehicle sales, service and accessory sales. For travel marketers finalizing their Q1 planning, understanding the mindset, demographics and search habits of long vs. short-distance travelers can help improve messaging, geo-targeting and inventory to capture the attention of these two segments.

Akkerman carries a comprehensive inventory of new and certified used and refurbished equipment. That's why Haulmark includes a complimentary 2-Year Customer Care Program membership with the purchase of every new Haulmark trailer. With the Pick Up And Haul Mod, colonists will gather everything they can carry in their inventory, and haul it all to a stockpile.

We build our trailers from the ground up, so you always get exactly what you need, even if that's just a basic livestock hauler. U-Haul rents vans, trailers, and trucks to customers for either in-town or one-way moves. Minecart tracks and systems, while time consuming to set up, can drastically cut down hauling times for some purposes, such as moving furniture from magma forges to a central stockpile.

Wood production can be sped up a lot by turning off wood hauling on your most skilled woodcutter who will focus exclusively on cutting down trees. We offer haul out services for trailerable boats on a individual basis. You can also haul your horse tied or untied in a stock trailer.

All of this argues in favor of owning companies like Visa, or MasterCard ( NYSE:MA ) stocks "for the long haul." The reason I choose Visa over MasterCard, meanwhile, is just a personal observation. Dwarves with the animal hauling labor will haul animal traps and occupied cages to the appropriate stockpiles , and lead uncaged animals to pastures and other destinations.

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With a 36-inch wide bed alone, this is something that stands above most other short-haul trucks on the market. U-Haul's main competitors are Avis Budget Group ($373M in truck rental sales) and Penske Truck Leasing (financials private) for the do it yourself” residential mover segment.

We build our trailers from the ground up, so you always get exactly what you need, even if that's just a basic livestock hauler. U-Haul rents vans, trailers, and trucks to customers for either in-town or one-way moves. Minecart tracks and systems, while time consuming to set up, can drastically cut down hauling times for some purposes, such as moving furniture from magma forges to a central stockpile.

Construction preparation: when constructing something big away from your fort (e.g. a road), the dwarf assigned to the construction (or architecture ) will have to carry each item from your fort to the construction location, which can take a long time.

Because of the open nature of stock trailers and their free-flowing design, there's plenty of ventilation for horses traveling inside, even without any true windows or roof vents. It is for both truck and trailer vehicle fleets. Various medical tasks such as bringing injured dwarves food or water, dressing wounds, and so forth have their own labors profit associated with them and do not require hauling.

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